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Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, Inc. is a non-profit organization classified under the Internal Revenue Service’s 501(c)(3) code. The state-designated scenic byway is managed by a volunteer board of representatives from the participating municipalities through which New York State Route 97 passes. The organization receives no state or federal funding for general operations and therefore relies on donations. We welcome individual and business participation in our efforts to enhance and promote this beautiful highway resource.

Contributions and membership dues are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

Do you need any assistance with your business membership? If you would like help understanding the differences between the membership categories, please contact the UDSB Business Membership Representative Laurie Ramie at (845) 252-3022 or by e-mail at info@upperdelawarescenicbyway.org to provide additional details. Ms. Ramie will assist business proprietors with the easy sign-up process.



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So Many Brave Men: A History of the Battle at Minisink FordSo Many Brave Men: A History of the Battle at Minisink Ford
Written by Mark Henderickson, Jon Inners and Peter Osborne

Published by Pienpack Publishing
828 pages, soft-cover, maps, illustrations.

Reduced Price: $35.00
(Retail Price: $42.99)
Price includes shipping and handling.

• The complete story of one of the Rev War’s bloodiest battles
• Documented by 43 authenticated pension records of participants
• 5 maps clarify the battle; 15 period illustrations add drama

On July 22, 1779, one of the most lethal battles of the American Revolution, in terms of the ratio of participants to numbers killed, took place on a hill above Minisink Ford along the Delaware River north of Port Jervis, New York. The Battle at Minisink Ford, New York was a disaster for the American militia units. More than one third of the militiamen perished. This important work reveals primary sources about the battle that have not been seen in more than one hundred and fifty years. So Many Brave Men, the first major work written on the battle in thirty years, will encourage new interest in the battle, and the men who fought there. Many of the veterans of that catastrophe speak to us about that fateful day from the distance of more than 230 years. They also speak of their dedication to the cause of freedom and liberty.

Hawks Nest: Newspaper History of the Road bookHawk’s Nest:
Newspaper History of the Road

Written by Town of Deerpark Historian
Norma Schadt

Published by The 1863 Schoolhouse Press
150 pages, soft-cover, illustrated.

Reduced Price: $10.
Add $2.50 for shipping and handling.

“Hawk’s Nest” includes a compilation of newspaper articles dating back to the mid-1800s which tell the story of this 1.5-mile stretch of Route 97 from its time as a single-lane dirt track between Sparrowbush and Mongaup, to the official completion of this engineering marvel on Aug. 30, 1939, to its 2002 dedication as an important feature of the Upper Delaware Scenic Byway. Many of the photos accompanying the articles have never appeared in print.

The Hawk’s Nest has been featured in national television commercials and on the cover of magazines for the thrilling ride and sweeping vistas offered by its twisting curves situated between a rock cliff and the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River. Thousands of visitors stop at the pull-offs to enjoy the view throughout the year, with each season exhibiting its own individual character and beauty.

Perseverance book click to enlargePerseverance & Vigilance: The History of the Old Decker Stone House
Written by Minisink Valley Historical Society Executive Director Peter Osborne

Published by Minisink Press
224 pages, soft-cover, 84 illustrations.

Cost $19.95. Add $4.80 for shipping and handling.

“Perseverance & Vigilance” traces the history of the 1793 Fort Decker building from early in the Revolutionary War, to the raids of the infamous Mohawk warrior-statesman Joseph Brant, to the era of the Delaware and Hudson Canal, when the stone structure served as a hotel for the canal’s founders and engineers. It also includes genealogies of people who have lived in and owned the building over the last 200 years, and speculates on the identity of the mysterious spirit that regularly turns on the building’s lights.

Today, the Fort Decker building located at 127 West Main St. in Port Jervis is operated by the Minisink Valley Historical Society as a museum of history.

The Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell click to enlargeThe Rebellion of Miss Lucy Ann Lobdell
Written by William Klaber

Published by Greenleaf Book Group, LLC
292 pages, hard-cover and soft-cover.

Hard-Cover Cost $20.00
Price includes shipping and handling.
(Retail Price: $24.95, plus shipping & handling)


Soft-Cover Cost $10.00
Price includes shipping and handling.

Dressed in Man's Clothing She Wins a Girl's Love

So reads the headline of Lucy Lobdell’s obituary in the New York Times, October 7, 1870. As obits go, it was enormous: 1500 words, detailing what the Times knew of Lucy’s life, from her backwoods upbringing to her dance school, where, posing as a man, she won the heart of a young woman. But that was just the start of the trouble, and Lucy’s obit would have been larger still if the Times had known about her years on the western frontier; her arrest and trial for the crime of wearing men’s clothes; or her jailbreak engineered by her wife, Marie Perry, to whom she had been married by an unsuspecting judge.

Lucy lived at a time when women did not commonly travel unescorted, carry a rifle, sit down in bars, or have romantic liaisons with other women. Lucy did these things in a personal quest — to work and be paid, to wear what she wanted, and love whomever she cared to. But to gain those freedoms she had to endure public scorn and wrestle with a sexual identity whose vocabulary had yet to be invented. Considering her notoriety at the time, it is surprising that her story has fallen so far from view.

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Individual copies of these books may also be purchased by sending a check made payable to “UDSB” for the amount indicated above to: Upper Delaware Scenic Byway, Inc., P.O. Box 127, Narrowsburg, NY 12764. Include the complete mailing address of the recipient. To inquire about ordering bulk copies of these books, please call (845) 252-3022 or e-mail info@upperdelawarescenicbyway.org.

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