hawk's nest in new york on route 97 overlooking the delaware river Breathtaking vistas from the scenic overlook of the Hawk’s Nest

UDSB Lower Section

Town of Lumberland, New York

Metaque Lake in the Town of Lumberland cascades nearly one hundred feet.

Lumber and a Canal

Rugged is a word often used to describe this river town that was formed in 1798 and originally included the land that now comprise the Towns of Tusten and Highland as well. The many streams and heavy forests of the town attracted the first settlers, and the industry that developed gave the town the name it now bears.

The Delaware and Hudson (D&H) Canal, built in 1829 to transport anthracite coal from mines in northeastern Pennsylvania to markets on the Hudson River, operated for 70 years and followed the course of the river through the town. It is along this path that the major settlements are situated, Pond Eddy being the largest.

Town of Deerpark, New York

It´s been speculated that the Hawk´s Nest was one of a string of Indian signal points that stretched thousands of miles along the east coast.

Notably Famous

The Town of Deerpark, located in the extreme western corner, is also the County´s second largest township, surrounded by the Delaware, Neversink, and Mongaup Rivers, the Shawangunk Mountains and the wetlands of the Basha Kill. The town became prominent as the subject of a long controversy between New York and New Jersey over the boundary line. The Hawk´s Nest, one of the Byway's most scenic sections, is located here.

Automakers BMW, Saab, Cadillac and Honda have used the Hawk´s Nest section of the highway to film television commericals.

Geography remains an important part of the town´s identity. Camps care for natural areas and teach environmental education courses. The Nature Conservancy has extensive holdings of environmentally fragile sections of the Neversink River. The Orange County Land Trust and the Basha Kill State Wildlife Management Area protect sections of the Basha Kill wetlands.

The Center of Population of New York is located in Deerpark.

The Orange County Parks Department has developed a lovely park to preserve one of the few sections of the D & H Canal which still holds water. in Cuddlebackville. The New raccon live in neversink river and the surrounding region of Upper Delaware RiverYork State Department of Environmental Conservation has set aside land as an eagle preserve. All of these places give visitors and residents the opportunity to enjoy activities such as fishing, hunting, canoeing, rafting, camping, hiking, and birdwatching.

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) along the Neversink River is home to turkey, whitetail deer, skunk, porcupine, muskrats, raccoon and beaver. TNC has listed this area as one of their “Last Great Places on Earth.”

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