Route 97 entering into Callicoon. Route 97 leading into Callicoon, NY.
Originally thick with forests, the area of Delaware New York played host to the lumber rafting industry

The Town of Delaware

The Town of Delaware is 35 square miles large.

The Town of Delaware is situated on the Delaware River, directly across from Damascus Township, Pennsylvania, to which a bridge over the river provides access. The Town has four communities located within its boundaries — Callicoon, Hortonville, Kenoza Lake and Kohlertown.

The Town is served by a hospital, two banks, many churches, a library, many fine eateries, main street shops and galleries. The fisherman photographDelaware River plays an active role in the life of this community. Originally thick with forests, the area played host to the lumber rafting industry, floating logs down river to the Philadelphia market. This business drained the region of its native timber changing the landscape from forests to dairy farms and small communities.

Callicoon, NY above and below Route 97.Callicoon

Architecture is part of the charm of this hamlet. Graced with one of the largest movie screens in Sullivan County, showing just one movie at a time, the art deco theater plays host to the Cineart Film Festival, joy for those who come both near and far. Anchoring the community is the former St. Joseph´s Seminary, built in 1908, which now holds the Delaware Valley Job Corps Center, one of the nation´s largest residential training programs, offering young people the opportunity to learn a trade.

Callicoon Creek Park is a weekend highlight for residents and visitors, a peaceful place to let the week´s worries free. Every Sunday, May through November, on Audley Dorrer Drive at Callicoon Creek Park, the Farmers´ Market showcases vegetables, fruit, cheese, meat, bake goods and more.

The events schedule for this hamlet is filled to the brim. From the Easter Egg Hunt, Tractor Parade, Canoe Regatta, 5K River Run, Street Fair, Halloween Parade and Dance, and the Tree Lighting in December.


view from Callicoon bridgeOne will find many New York State Public Fishing Accesses along the Callicoon Creek between Hortonville and Callicoon. Keep your eye out in the fall for roadside farm markets that sell local tapped maple syrup.

Kenoza Lake

The Lake is known as a vacation spot to many, but the Stone Arch Bridge crossing the Callicoon Creek in Kenoza Lake, is one of Sullivan County's most famous structures. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was built by German and Swiss stone masons around 1880. Picnic benches offer a beautiful view of the Creek and bridge. There are hiking trails, a fishing access and a wonderful new playground for children.


Once again architecture is a focus of this hamlet. Kohler Lumber, a business which was founded at the turn of the 19th century and is still operational today, built many of the homes in the area with their trademark rounded roofline. That style made an impression in many of the other communities.

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